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Driving education taught to be retained - Greg Anderson - Owner and Operator

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Welcome to All Star Driver School

With locations in Mahoning, Trumbull and Columbiana Counties

Our goal here at All Star Driving School is to constantly teach the highest, most current driver education training. To accomplish this goal, we implement the best tools available for driver training. The key to success is being able to have the most advanced tools in front of you, but to also be able to retain what you learn. That is our aim for each of our students.

Unlike other driver training schools, we offer a high level of flexibility for our students. At All Star Driving School, we tailor our classroom schedules to meet the busy needs of our students. Because students lead very busy lives and are often involved in activities like work, band, sports, or others, they need to be able to take drivers training on their schedule. As a result, we have developed a driver training program that makes attending class convenient and extremely flexible without losing its overall effectiveness.

To make taking our courses even more convenient, students can attend class at any of our locations. Since Ohio requires that drivers take 24 hours of classroom training and complete 8 hours behind the wheel, we want to make sure you can do them quickly but at your own pace.

One of the benefits of our shared physical and online driver training is that we provide detailed reports of each student’s progress. These reports detail just what skills the students have learned, which areas they excel at, and which areas they need some improvement in. This is a great tool for parents because it allows them to see how their child is progressing.

Rather than teach for the maneuverability test, we teach backing skills that will last beyond the classroom. Students not only pass the test, they learn to become good drivers.